Free!dj Doujinshi Manga Recommendation

Have you watched Free! anime? Its an adaptation for novel High☆Speed! by Animation Do. The story happens in the swimming club in which many energetic high school boys are doing their swimming training. The plot describes their daily life and friendship.

As a fujoshi, I can’t stop my imagination about their love beyond friendship. And I’ve read several doujinshi yaoi manga based on Free!dj. Here are some of my favorite yaoi manga adapted from Free!.

1.Free! dj – Splash Honey!

Genre(s): Doujinshi, One Shot, School Life, Sports

Summary: Haru said to Makoto that it’s okay to *do* it so they went to Haru’s house fast. However,
as they opened the door, they were shocked because… Includes 4P Pairing: Makoto x Haruka | Rei x Nagisa

2.Free! dj – Oyasumi Mae Secret

Genre(s): Doujinshi, One Shot, Yaoi

Summary: Based on episode 4’s endcard, Makoto and Haru clean up after dinner, and things get considerably wet.

3.Free! dj – Dive Dash

Genre(s): Comedy, Doujinshi, One Shot, Smut, Yaoi

Summary: Hazuki Nagisa x Ryuugazaki Rei Nagisa thinks a hernia is what’s causing Rei to sink and takes matters into his own hands.

4.Free! dj – Glass Morning

Genre(s): Doujinshi, One Shot, Romance, Yaoi

Summary: Pairing: Matsuoka Rin x Nanase Haruka.This one is too short…I need more!

5.Free! dj – Good-bye Me

Genre(s): Doujinshi, Drama, One Shot, Yaoi

Summary: Pairing: Haruka x Rin Before the tournament, remembrance of the past haunted Rin and Haruka through their dream. And fate brought them together…This one is longer than those above.


Something about Lucy Fairy Tail

Lucy is still my fav character in Fairy Tail manga. She loves spit slot and writing fiction. She has a bright and funny personality. As a newcomer in Fairy Tail, her passion and love for guild are never inferior to others.

Before she joins in, Fairy Tail is her most desirable place. So she abandoned her splendor, her huge villa and her family name stands for status. She is cheated by the fake dragon, but luckily rescued by Natsu who is the real dragon and becomes a real member of Fairy Tail.

She is a Protoss mage, and is deeply in love with Protoss. She is not just take Protoss as weapons and tools which will never die. She says that the Protoss also have feelings and will be pain.

Lucy forgives her father,but she lost the last chance to see her father. She misses her father’s birthday gifts and misses the feelings to be a beloved daughter. But she knows that she is loved. (This part really moves me)

The feelings between Lucy and Natsu is subtle. From the first time they meet each other, Natsu appears every moment when Lucy is in danger. Lucy is truly brave because she laughs at the moment that she is just be killed and cry for the poor enemy. But meanwhile ,she just knows that Natsu will be there to save her, definitely. Lucy loves Natsu, and Natsu is just too blunt. He is the first one to remind of Lucy while everyone else is losing the memory about Lucy. Actually, Natsu is her fated man, they’re destined to be together and will go on doing tasks together with Happy.

I love Lucy, because of her bravery, her optimism , her kindness and her beauty.

Okane Ga Nai Manga Serializing for 10 Years Will End After Last 2 Chapters

Okane Ga Nai(No Money) is a series of yaoi novels, and adapted for yaoi manga in 2004.

And news was out that the manga series will end in December, 2014 announced by Mangazine Lynx published this month.According to the plot before, it will be a happy ending.

I read this yaoi manga and watched the yaoi anime many years ago, but actually I don’t like its art at all. The bottom is so vulnerable while the top is so strong which makes it weird. What attracts me is that Fukuyama Jun dubs for a main character in OVA with his soft voice which is really amazing.

And I really don’t like its plot: bottom has heavey debt ,so he gives away his body to top. Top always turns up in time before bottom is raped.

But if you’re a Fujoshi, you won’t miss this manga which actually is a primer for yaoi. And I really memorize the past 10 years, during which the yaoi manga has become more interesting and awesome, no matter its art or plot. Fujoshi nowadays is so lucky to read so many excellent yaoi manga.


Love Stage!! The Yaoi Manga TV is Over, But Manga is Still On

Actually,this is the first yaoi manga I’ve read in 2014, and I found it so cute.My friend commended it to me, and told me that I would have loved to read this yaoi manga coz its awesome art and plot .
And yupp, I fell into it. We have read yaoi manga together several times before so she really knew my taste. I watched its anime all in one breath(Hope for next season), then read its manga(it was exactly too short for me. ).
Ryouma-kun is a famous actor ,and he loved a “girl” for 10 years! But at last he found that Izume was a boy!! Even though, he couldn’t stop his love either. He protected Izume and encourage Izume, was always by Izume’s side when Izume fell into trouble. Finally he moved everyone, and achieved Izume’s love.
The tv series has been over ,but the manga is still on. I checked it everyday to ensure if it had been uploaded . And today I just found a big surprise! The side story manga about shogo and Rei ‘s love which was called Back Stage came out last week . Its really a good news for me! Their love life attacked me very much. I just can’t wait to tell my friend about this good news, and I’m going to ask her to commend more yaoi manga to me. Plz!! I need more yaoi manga!


Celebration!!It Has Been 5th Anniversary Since Fairy Tail Tv was Out

In Oct.12th,2009, fairy tail manga turned to screen officially. The magic world has been built up. And ever since that, we all have become members of the fairy tail team. So far, the fairy tail tv has been broadcast at weekends over and over again for hundreds of times during 5 years. But our enthusiasm never cool down.
We love it coz its vivid, hot bloody, enthusiastic, kind and beautiful characters. Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Gary, Erza…Their bravery, passion and friendship impressed us deeply. And these characters encourage us in our heart to fight in our own lives every day.
“When people realize how lonely it is being on their own, they will become kind.”——This is about kindness.
“Fear is not evil. It tells you what your weakness is. And once you know your weakness, you can become stronger as well as kinder.”——This is about bravery.
“Moving on doesn’t mean you forget about things. It just means you have to accept what happened and continue living. “About strong
And “We are fairy tail!”——This is about teamwork.
It has already been 5 years. We are growing up with these elfs in every battle, become stronger and riper.
Fighting! Fairy tail! Let’s go on the adventure together!


The Friendship in Fairy Tail

Friends mean a lot to us, we cannot fulfill our goals without the support of friends. In Fairy Tail, we gain a deep insight into the word “friendship”. One connot live without friends, one cannot defeat the enemy without friends. Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Elza, Happy etc, they build a strong relationship with each other, although they are obsessed with messing around, this is just their way to show their happiness and would like to be with friends.
Fear is not evil, it is ok to know your own weakness, because once people know their weakness they will become strong and gentle. And with the help of friends you will become strong and have the willing to protect your friends. This is the root of your power, for example, Natsu become stronger and are more likely to defeat the enemy when his friends in trouble. So, to some extent your friends are your weakness as well as your strength.You have to become stronger, stand up and fight for your friends. This is the friendship that Fairy Tail conveys to us.


They Are Born To Be Together

I want to list some characters in anime who are born to be together, but not the boys and girls couple, the boys and boys couple. These characters are not from the yaoi manga, most of them from shounen manga. Okay, let’s get straight into the point, the first ‘ they are born to be together ’ came to my mind is Levi and Eren from Attact on Titan, i actually don’t know why people ship them together but they look pretty match, don’t feel weird at all. It seems like in yaoi world, one should be like Levi, strong(not refer to the height of course), silence, look inexorability from the appearance, seldom express his inner world, other should be like Eren, kind, full of passion and energy, honest and show respect to Levi. Their personality could compensate for each other.

However, there are also some characters, who cannot work or match with each other, but fans still ship them together, although they show they don’t care about the each other, one classic example is Gintoki Sakata and Toshiro Hijikata from Gintama. I forgot which episode, they two take bath together and I cannot stop laughing. Although they looks like don’t care about each other, they actually not. They just don’t know how to express their emotion and fear to admit they take other seriously. This kind of relations are more worthy reading than some yaoi manga that packed with sex but do not have attractive content.