China Fans Hooked on Gay Love in “The Graver Robbers’ Chronicles”

The best seller in China “The Graver Robbers’ Chronicles” about a group of tomb raiders has gotten its English version. If you’re interested in China ancient culture or horror pieces, this book will be your best choice.
Its story is about a group of tomb raiders leading by Uncle Wu. They rob tombs and suffer a chain of disasters. The first sight character “Me” is Xie Wu who is weak and as innocent as his name. The other main character is Qiling Zhang who is so skillful and flexible, but has many secrets. There are also many horrible zombies and worms on their way.
The book is very popular among fujoshi in China, although it has nothing about yaoi manga or boy’s love. They mix the brotherhood with boy’s love between Xie Wu and Qiling Zhang and make a lot of things to expand their imagination about these two main male characters.
Those talented Chinese artists make plenty of doujinshi manga in genre of yaoi manga. Their logic, plot and art is really awesome. Here are some pictures which I think are masterpieces.


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