Natsu x Lucy – My Favourite Character Pairing in Fairy Tail

I love all the characters in Fairy Tail manga. But the favorite one is Lucy. She is an independent, kind, adorable and brave girl. I really hope that I could be such a girl like her. I think that every man in Fairy Tail manga are attracted by Lucy, but only natsu is Lucy’s true love!
 Although Natsu made a promise with Lisanna in their childhood. But it’s Lucy who always stays with Natsu, protect him and take care of him.
 Who stays with Natsu when he’s in danger? Lucy!
 Who cries heavily when Natsu gets hurt? Lucy!
 Who runs to Lucy in despite of danger and hug her heavily? It’s Natsu!
 When they met each other at the first sight, I knew that something has happened between them which is beyond friendship.
 Natsu is the only one allowed relaxing himself in Lucy’s room.
Happy always tell Lucy that Natsu falls love in her. Lucy is happy and looking forward to his explanation.
 One day, Lisanna asks Lucy not leave Natsu. Right, she loves Natsu. But she knows who is in Natsu’s heart and she believes that Lucy can protect Natsu as well.
And last one: who gets Natsu’s precious scarf? Lucy of course!
 So, I support Nalu. How about you?

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