Something about Lucy Fairy Tail

Lucy is still my fav character in Fairy Tail manga. She loves spit slot and writing fiction. She has a bright and funny personality. As a newcomer in Fairy Tail, her passion and love for guild are never inferior to others.

Before she joins in, Fairy Tail is her most desirable place. So she abandoned her splendor, her huge villa and her family name stands for status. She is cheated by the fake dragon, but luckily rescued by Natsu who is the real dragon and becomes a real member of Fairy Tail.

She is a Protoss mage, and is deeply in love with Protoss. She is not just take Protoss as weapons and tools which will never die. She says that the Protoss also have feelings and will be pain.

Lucy forgives her father,but she lost the last chance to see her father. She misses her father’s birthday gifts and misses the feelings to be a beloved daughter. But she knows that she is loved. (This part really moves me)

The feelings between Lucy and Natsu is subtle. From the first time they meet each other, Natsu appears every moment when Lucy is in danger. Lucy is truly brave because she laughs at the moment that she is just be killed and cry for the poor enemy. But meanwhile ,she just knows that Natsu will be there to save her, definitely. Lucy loves Natsu, and Natsu is just too blunt. He is the first one to remind of Lucy while everyone else is losing the memory about Lucy. Actually, Natsu is her fated man, they’re destined to be together and will go on doing tasks together with Happy.

I love Lucy, because of her bravery, her optimism , her kindness and her beauty.


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