Okane Ga Nai Manga Serializing for 10 Years Will End After Last 2 Chapters

Okane Ga Nai(No Money) is a series of yaoi novels, and adapted for yaoi manga in 2004.

And news was out that the manga series will end in December, 2014 announced by Mangazine Lynx published this month.According to the plot before, it will be a happy ending.

I read this yaoi manga and watched the yaoi anime many years ago, but actually I don’t like its art at all. The bottom is so vulnerable while the top is so strong which makes it weird. What attracts me is that Fukuyama Jun dubs for a main character in OVA with his soft voice which is really amazing.

And I really don’t like its plot: bottom has heavey debt ,so he gives away his body to top. Top always turns up in time before bottom is raped.

But if you’re a Fujoshi, you won’t miss this manga which actually is a primer for yaoi. And I really memorize the past 10 years, during which the yaoi manga has become more interesting and awesome, no matter its art or plot. Fujoshi nowadays is so lucky to read so many excellent yaoi manga.



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