The Friendship in Fairy Tail

Friends mean a lot to us, we cannot fulfill our goals without the support of friends. In Fairy Tail, we gain a deep insight into the word “friendship”. One connot live without friends, one cannot defeat the enemy without friends. Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Elza, Happy etc, they build a strong relationship with each other, although they are obsessed with messing around, this is just their way to show their happiness and would like to be with friends.
Fear is not evil, it is ok to know your own weakness, because once people know their weakness they will become strong and gentle. And with the help of friends you will become strong and have the willing to protect your friends. This is the root of your power, for example, Natsu become stronger and are more likely to defeat the enemy when his friends in trouble. So, to some extent your friends are your weakness as well as your strength.You have to become stronger, stand up and fight for your friends. This is the friendship that Fairy Tail conveys to us.



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