Comparing Natsu with Luffy

Who will win if Naruto, Ichigo, Natsu and Luffy fight? I saw this question from Yahoo Answer, and i find that many fans compare Natsu with Luffy, perhaps because Natsu of Fairy Tail is very similar to Luffy of One Piece. They looks similar from appearance, except the hair color, Natus is red, like the dragon color, Luffy is black. From personality, they are both simple-minded, straightforward and willing to go down fighting for their friends. By the way, the art of Fairy Tail is similar with One Piece.

Natsu makes every effort to prove his strength, so does Luffy, although he was beaten every single time he never give up, so does Luffy. Natsu is an aggressive person, he tends to solve problem by fighting and some hands-on approach, in another words, he involved violence when tackling problem. However, he treats his friends as his family, as a Dragon Slayer, he treats every members in the Fairy Tail as his intimate friends.


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