Boys Love Awards

Boys love is the main factor of the Yaoi manga, but there are some boys love happened in the others genre of manga, for example Free! and Attack On Titan. A Japanese website posted the outcome of the fifth annual Boys Love Awards. I bet you guys can figure out which anime is on the top of all. Yes it’s Free! It is difficult for our fans do not relate Free! with boys love when watching a bunch of shirtless boys with six pack. Let’s face it, Free! is far more than a sports anime. The second place is Attack on Titan, many fans try to put Levi and Eren as a pair. The following is Kuroko’s Basketball, yeah, we don’t believe pure friendship existing between intimate partners.

What surprised me most was that Gintama is on the fourth place, I mean the author gave a lot of hints in the manga, the relationship between Gintoki Sakata and Toshiro Hijikata is doubtful. Anyway, for those readers who prefer to ship fictional characters these non-yaoi manga may cater to your taste.


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