Lucy – One of the sexiest female character


When speaking of the sexiest female character, the first person pop up on my mind is Lucy from Fairy Tail. It is true that she always dress in a revealing with her proud breast and curvaceous body. But when I said the sexiest female character, I’m not only mean this superficial. Despite her good-looking appearance, she is a warm-hearted, kind and smart girl. Although, in many cases, she does get annoying easily and so does Natsu, she shows her kindness aspect more often. Even though she comes from the Heartfilia family that used to be the most powerful family in the country of Fiore, She doesn’t display any aristocratic, however she treats everybody as the same, especially for her spirits, she refuses to treat them as a tool instead of treating them as her friends and fighting alongside with them .

Another adorable personality is that she is very into literature and she writes down her adventure story on her journal. She keeps it as a precious memory with Fairy Tail. Apart from reading and writing, she also like shopping and cooking, like other girls. What an adorable character!


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