Why I Love Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail
There is no doubt that Fairy Tail belongs to Shounen. Some fans might have a low opinion of this anime because of the first or the second set. But if you have the patient to watch, you may find Fairy Tail is an awesome manga, it has all great features that a great manga has, the funny conversation, the touchable plot and the wonderful fight scenes. If you watch it I bet you will love it.

As a long-term serial manga, the plot of the Fairy Tail develops faster, compared to One Piece and Bleach. Many fans prefer to compare Fairy Tail with One Piece, probably because the two authors have the same faith. Friends are the eternal topic. No matter what happens your friends will never leave you alone. Your friends are your family. Every member in the Fairy Tail has their past, with the music of Scottish bagpipes, something comes out from the memory box.

What impressed me most is their heart, they never say give up and never avoid their pain and sorrow, instead of concealing their mistake they choose to face their sin. People’s eyes spark bright because they have a positive attitude, no matter what they went through.


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